Bob Emery: Afterthoughts on Nov. 6

By Bob Emery

My daughter Kathleen, on a business trip to Kentucky, spent election night in a restaurant with colleagues. The place was packed with Republicans who had decorated with an Uncle Sam replica and bunting, waiting for the Romney juggernaut to sweep the Obama pretenders from office and crown king Mitt. My daughter being of sound mind and body was, of course, a strong supporter of our president and said she had to “bite her tongue” all evening. Her colleagues gave her a little slack however, because “she was from California and didn’t know better.”

Bob Emery

Krysty, my eldest, emailed me Wednesday saying “I dressed in my best Obama-inspired outfit and quietly gloated all day.” Needless to say, the Emery clan was very pleased with the outcome of Tuesday’s election. Not just because the best candidate won but for the resounding message that was sent: “Americans’ votes still are not for sale.” Estimates of campaign spending at the national level exceed six billion dollars with over two-thirds of it spent by Republicans. Karl Rove, the dark puppeteer of the GOP, hit up billionaire after billionaire for huge donations and it bought them nothing. If I were one of those fat-cats, I’d be asking for a refund.

Speaking of huge sums of money, what a deplorable waste of resources this quadrennial orgy of spending is. Just think of what six billion dollars could do at a time when many are suffering from lack of jobs, damage from hurricanes, wounded and unemployed veterans, educational improvement and on and on. The advent of the “super PACs” and anonymous donors has slimed the whole election process. I have always supported publicly funded elections with some limitations. But that makes sense so it will never happen.

Locally, some surprises. Congratulations to Jim Cunningham and Steve Vaus for their re-election and election, respectively, to the Poway City Council. Jim fully deserves his next four years and we hope he will continue to be a leader on the council. Vaus, who was successful after his second run for office, was the top vote-getter besting Cunningham by a few dozen votes. My only advice to Steve is to remember that this is a non-partisan office. The job of a councilmember is to help formulate policy on roads, water, sewer, recreation, police and fire services and our quality of life in our City in the Country.

A big thank you and a sad farewell to Linda Vanderveen who lost her seat on the Poway Unified School District board. Linda served many years in what is probably one of the most thankless yet rewarding elected positions. Her colleague Andy Patapow was re-elected to another four-year term and we wish him well. The “questionable” school bond issue was certainly a factor in both the school board and City Council races.

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15 Comments for “Bob Emery: Afterthoughts on Nov. 6”

  1. Helen

    I suppose by a "big thank you" to Linda Vanderveen – you must think that a non responsive, non-transparent Board is ok. That you're just fine with the fact that Vanderveen continues to state that she thinks they did a bang up job in shoving so much debt down the road Poway may never see the light of day. There many who found her management style abrasive and divisive for those seeking help and resolution to District issues. If we hadn't been up on candidate deadlines I'm sure a viable choice to Patapow would have been found. Now we are looking for replacement candidates for Davis, Gutchow and Rantfle.

  2. Tom Yarnall

    Mr. Emery, are you really concerned about "many are suffering from lack of jobs, damage from hurricanes, wounded and unemployed veterans, educational improvement and on and on"? It doesn't seem to matter to you if Obama has failed during the first four years. Does your ideology take priority over the state of our union?
    My only consolation is you suckers are stuck with him for another four, just as I am.
    Why no encouraging remark to Kimberley Beatty? Could she be a Republican?

  3. Ladiboss

    Spoken like a true RINO, Bob. And if my memory serves correctly, your wife used to be a member of the Republican Central Committee. Guess those teachers' unions finally got to you. I cannot think of one single thing Obama has done to warrant re-election–except give away the store for four years.

    • Tom Yarnall

      Mr. Emery must be proud to have indoctrinated his family to be dedicated, sincere, and dependable in their support of his Democratic Party ideology. It's unfortunate he did not teach them to think for themselves.

      • chris cruse

        You must not know them, Tom. Bob's daughters are both bright and independent. Might have even been the kids who were responsible for bringing their parents around to their way of thinking somewhat.

        • Tom Yarnall

          You are correct, Chris. I do not know them and didn't show a lot of respect when I brought them into the argument. It just got to me that the man would bring his family in to bolster his gloating over the election. I don't think that showed a lot of respect or class either.
          I apologize to the ladies.

          • Chris Cruse

            Agreed, Tom. Bob brought up his daughters, so their political choices are fair game. Where I think you went wrong was to assume that Bob's daughters didn't come to their political convictions on their own. Demeaning them says more about you than it does about them.

            The classy thing to do was to apologize. I uprated you for it.

          • EducatedThinker

            Right wingers accusing progressives of relying on dogma dictated by others and discouraging their children or persons with whom they have influence from being open minded so they can form their own opinions? Wow! I truly am ROFLOL!

      • Amy Roost

        Yeah pretty low blow Tom, even for you. One person's gloat is another person's glee. If we extended your logic Tom, we'd all have to sit on our hands when our kids got scholarships instead of our neighbor's children, or while watching the Chargers win (as rarely as that happens these days).

        I like that Bob invoked his children. As you know, I like to invoke mine from time to time as well. Be warned, I'm a ferocious mama bear. We should all be thankful that more young people took part in the political process–no matter who they voted for. And Bob should be proud that his daughter was able to watch election returns with folks from across the aisle and still enjoy her night out!

        • Tom Yarnall

          Nice spin Amy. I was only talking about cheap politics not the virtues of life. You may equate them, but I don't. I was the first to stand ,cheer and make a fool of myself when my grand daughter received her diploma at UCSM a couple of years ago. I have been frequently told to hold it down while cheering for the Chargers and USC.
          I stand behind my feeling that is does not show class to invoke your children in cheap politics. Sorry you don't feel the same.
          I compliment you for being a faithful liberal and defending your like.
          My last word

          • Amy Roost

            I think Bob can speak for himself, but it felt to me like he was just being a proud papa, not playing cheap politics. I would have applauded your daughters if the situation were reversed. Our children's political participation is something to be proud of. Last word :)

  4. MannyMoe&Jack

    “Ineptocracy” A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

  5. Kathleen Emery

    I always enjoy seeing folks comment on my Dad's column and am very proud that he continues to be a vocal and respected member of the Poway community. My sister and I grew up in a house where we were free to make our own decisions about most aspects of our lives including politics (curfew and homework were not up for debate). We were educated about fairness, equality, and experienced most aspects of the political process, good and bad, first hand as any child of a small town politician might. My sister and I can thank our parents for our character, dedication to our communities, and an insatiable passion for life. That said, I am confident I can speak for us both when I say our personal political beliefs are byproducts of our life experiences and while they may align with our fathers now, we each came to it via a separate path. I hope that all parents, like mine, can give their kids the freedom and space to become free thinking and independent people.

    Thank you to Amy and Chris for understanding and respecting where my Dad was coming from.

  6. Tom Yarnall

    Kathleen, I am certain yours is a very respectable family who are givers in our society and, thank goodness, always will be. However, I would bet your children and your children’s children will be Democrats. It’s called subliminal indoctrination.
    I know he has significantly contributed to Poway’s evolution and I am sorry to give your Dad a bad time, but why should he be allowed to feather bed his ideology without challenge? He is given a full license to do so, with his columns in the Chieftain that are a means for him to frequently badger those having an opposing political view. Do you think he should get a free pass and are free passes the democratic way?
    I wish your family a very Merry Christmas.
    My last word.

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