Blue Angels performances canceled, including Miramar Air Show

MIRAMAR (CNS) – The Navy today canceled all remaining 2013 performances of its popular Blue Angels squadron, including those slated for the annual Miramar Air Show, due to budget constraints.

“Recognizing budget realities, current defense policy states that outreach events can only be supported with local assets at no cost to the government,” Lt. Aaron V. Kakiel, assistant public affairs officer for the commander of Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet said in a statement. “This is one of many steps the Navy is taking to ensure resources are in place to support forces operating forward now and those training to relieve them.”

The Blue Angels will continue to train to maintain flying proficiency until further notice at its home station in Pensacola, Fla., he said.

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10 Comments for “Blue Angels performances canceled, including Miramar Air Show”

  1. Joe St. Lucas

    Well that just stinks…

  2. TonyTex

    Military stopped doing flyovers at sporting events as well. Anyone notice how lame the Police Helicopter fly over was at the Padres' game today (opening day). Not the same!

    • Sparky

      It's the Padres. Our local little team got a little league flyover. When the Padres actually become a pro team again then maybe we can get the big guys to fly by.

  3. Terry Daniels

    So the Blue Angels are going to keep flying to practice and the pilots will still be getting paid for being in the military but they just can't perform one flight once in awhile at a public event? What are we talking here – a little extra gas money? No…we're talking nothing but thoughtless and mean spirited political posturing.

    Maybe if we scheduled a sequester music party / golf tournament / tropical vacation event out at Miramar, invited the Blue Angels as part of the celebrity guest list, and shipped the planes out from Florida by sailboat to get some carbon credits, we could sneak in a 20 minute Blue Angel performance here just to refresh our enthusiasm and gratitude for the one part of our government that we are all still proud of.

    (It's a good thing the Harrier jet, the USN Leap Frog parachute team and the Marine Air-Ground task force don't use any gas in their demonstrations. It seems they don't cost the taxpayers a dime.)

  4. Joe St. Lucas

    From the web: "The Finance Department published a document showing that the Navy budgeted $39 million for the Blue Angels in 2012. Traveling around the country, the squadron planned to put on shows for 69 days in 2012."

    Ok, that's $565,000 per show. But, if the $39 mil includes the $12mil for the pilots and 114 support personnel that's still going on regardless of shows being done, we can subtract that out and then the cost plummets to only $391,000 per show. That's still a little more than I'd care to try to finance or try to raise by passing a hat around for collections.

  5. Amy Roost

    I love to watch the Blue Angels perform as much as the next person, however, the Department of Defense overall faces a $487 billion reduction in projected spending over the next decade and possibly tens of billions more.

    Congress could have avoided all this; they did not. You wanted automatic spending cuts? You got 'em.

    Note also that we outspend every other nation on earth COMBINED in military spending. If budget cuts need to be made, the military cannot be exempt. Particularly when they insist on paying ridiculous amounts for their "equipment".

    I wish someone would suggest that rather than cutting the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, etc. out of the budget, we reallocate those funds to the VA so they come into the 21st century and process claims more quickly…unless they don't process claims quickly for a reason…but that's a topic for next week's column.

  6. Dale

    We must cancel the Blue Angels Mr. President. Not enough money in the budget. Well, what about our vacation? Oh we made sure enough money was set aside for that.

    • Amy Roost

      Because Obama is the only president who has ever taken a vacation Dale?

      And name another sitting president who voluntarily took a 5% pay cut?

      I'm all for my president (Democrat or Republican) taking vacations. Last thing I want is a president with burnout.

      • Terry Daniels

        This president has not abused vacation time compared to the rest of the past presidents. Presidents take the job with them everywhere they go – so it's not like it even counts as a remedy for burnout. It's always a working vacation. Trying to relax and 'vacate' work while taking it with you is no fun. There is no remedy for presidential burnout. They all get burned out – especially the two term presidents.

  7. Clariece

    Will people stop talking about the "sequester music party." Do your dang research. The "music party" began in the late 70's and has been held by every president since then and has nothing to do with sequestration. It is actually a PBS series "In Peformance – White House" and is underwritten by several large corporations. I don't like the president but let's keep our facts straight if you're going to sling mud. And while I think the Blue Angels are great and love watching them – but I don't love watching 'em that much.

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