New PUSD school to be called ‘Design 39 Campus’

By Emily Sorensen

After being referred to only as School 39 since its beginnings, the under-construction K-8 school finally has its name.

Drawing of the main entry to the new school.

The newest school in Poway Unified School District, which will be located in Del Sur, next to Del Norte High School, will be called Design 39 Campus.

The name was brainstormed for months by the school’s principal, Sonya Wrisley and her teaching team, with some input from district staff. Wrisley and her team presented “Design 39 Campus” as their recommended name, with “Camino Ridge Elementary” as the other final choice. Other names considered were Design for Learning and Camino Ridge Design Campus. The tagline Wrisley presented for their name choice was “the future is a place we create.”

The choice of campus rather than school was deliberate. “School is a finite place,” said Wrisley. “We want [Design 39 Campus] to be a learning experience, not a learning environment.”

As of now, Design 39 Campus does not have a suggested mascot. Wrisley said she wanted to wait for the students to vote on whether they wanted a mascot or not, and if so, what it will be.

“The name needed to reflect the school’s mission,” she said, adding the school’s mission will be design, learning and creativity for their students.

“Design” comes from design thinking, a style of thinking and learning that combines empathy, creativity and rationality to solve problems. Both the staff and students at Design 39 Campus will learn design thinking in their education. Wrisley said 39 was left in because people have been referring to the school as School 39 for years.

After some debate, the board voted yes on naming School 39 “Design 39 Campus.” Board member Kimberley Beatty was the only member to vote no, after her motion to delay the vote wasn’t passed. Beatty said she was worried the name would stand out too much, and that it didn’t signify equity and sameness.

Design 39 Campus is scheduled to open in August 2014.

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12 Comments for “New PUSD school to be called ‘Design 39 Campus’”

  1. Guest

    Stupid. Sounds like one of the PS numbered schools in NY, as if no one could be creative enough to come up with a name. Not at all impressed with PUSD and its leadership lately. "The future is a place we create." So only the students at this school will create? Stupid!

    • Dan Marc

      Yep…all warm and fuzzy isn't it…

      If you're going to go that route – go with something REALLY futuristic like 'Area 51 Carbon Unit Incubator'. Now that has some snap to it….

  2. Snarky

    Just the dumbest name ever. Did we run out of dead presidents or something?

  3. Tom Yarnall

    “Design” comes from design thinking, a style of thinking and learning that combines empathy, creativity and rationality to solve problems. Both the staff and students at Design 39 Campu's will learn design thinking in their education"
    Sounds like a bunch of drunk philosophers at closing time.

  4. 4s guest

    I am sorry. The name says nothing about enrichment or being set apart from the more traditional school. I am not impressed with the information written here. It doesn't state that if they don't fill all 1200 spots in the first year their plan is to open to all school districts and not just PUSD. "Design" is such a lame term, to express creative thinking. Let alone in the name of the school. Its clear the staff assigned to vote didnt put much thought, I think Beatty's response was actually a good reason to vote no! So kudos to her!

    • Joe St. Lucas

      Open it up to non-PUSD school districts? So we in the PUSD will be paying for "others" to attend our school and get no financial support from those "others" for building upkeep and salaries since they're not in the PUSD?

  5. Silence Dogood

    I think I just threw up in my mouth! What PC Kool-Aid are they drinking at PUSD? Great teachers and great kids but a district administration that is so utterly disconnected from the parents and taxpayers. Hey Dr. Collins, you “manned up” to fire Coach Blalock maybe you should do the same and kill this ridiculous name.

    Ms. Wrisley, a definition please – “School is a finite place.”??? I wish someone had told me that BEFORE I spent all that money on college. Nevertheless, I was raised with sayings like “you’re learning something new every day” and “a day spent without learning something is a day wasted”. Since you have the “Wrisley New World Dictionary” out, please describe which definition of “we” you are using in the following nonsensical sentence, “We want [Design 39 Campus] to be a learning experience, not a learning environment.” Is it a) in the royal form of the word b) as in “all my minions had to agree with me or…” c) “I’m having fun and getting paid to do this”. By any definition, this was, is and will be a BAD decision.

    So to all the future Design 39 “(insert mascot name here)”, enjoy your “learning experience” and enjoy being belittled by the Bobcats, Panthers, Wolverines and other schools with real names and real mascots.

    (Yet another reason the “Golden State” should now be called the “Alloy State”.)

  6. mrfat

    this school is made out of legos!!!!!!!!!! and has robots

  7. Tom Yarnall

    Could Dr.Collins please explain how this concept will help a student better learn how to add, subtract, multiple or divide fractions? No abstracts please.
    A real life issue may help me to better understand the concept.

  8. BlahBlah

    Dr. Collins is incapable of explaining anything. Stop expecting him to be anything more than an autobot. He's the perfect bureaucrat.

  9. 4s Mom

    Wow am blow away with such close minded people to react to quickly!

    • BlahBlah

      Um we commented over 3 weeks ago. You're kinda late in the game here. Since then nothing has changed (including last night's board meeting) to encourage an update to the opinions.

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