Our ‘Thumbs’ for July

THUMBS UP to the Rancho Bernardo Historical Society for finding a solution to members’ dream of 31 years — to build a permanent Rancho Bernardo history museum. Because construction is not an option for many reasons, it is extensively remodeling Bernardo Winery’s bunk house to create a 1,610-square-foot museum that is 22 percent larger than its current museum. Work is scheduled to be completed by late summer, with a grand opening likely in August. A long-term lease with a renewal option has been signed.

THUMBS UP to the Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps for agreeing to take over running of the Poway Days Parade. The 49th edition of the parade will be held on Saturday, Sept. 7. Pauline Getz will chair the parade committee, taking over from Sabrina Butler, who deserves the community’s thanks for saving the parade and running it for the past four years.

THUMBS DOWN to the Poway Unified School District board for approving, by a 4-1 vote, naming the district’s 39th school, to be built in Del Sur “Design 39 Campus.” The name was recommended by the new school’s principal and her teaching team. Their alternative recommendation was “Camino Ridge Elementary.” Now that sounds like a school name, one that is in keeping with the district’s policy of naming schools after local landmarks. But school board members, with the exception of Kimberley Beatty, swallowed a large dose of “edu-babble” when they were told the new campus will “be a learning experience, not a learning environment.” It’s a school, folks.

THUMBS UP to first-term Democratic Congressman Scott Peters for having the political courage to say publicly that he’s not happy with his Democratic president, Barack Obama. During a recent interview with this newspaper, Peters called Obama “the most disengaged person you could image” and said he was “very disappointed” in the president. Those words may not endear Peters to the national Democratic Party, but it’s a sign supporting his claim that he is an independent Democrat. It will be interesting to see how he fares next year in what will surely be a hotly contested re-election battle.

THUMBS UP to the City of Poway for its long-standing policy of requiring Boy Scouts wanting to do their Eagle Scout projects on city-owned facilities to be at least 15 years of age. The policy was recently questioned by a very articulate and highly motivated 12-year-old Scout, and his father. We agree with Mayor Don Higginson’s position that making Scouts wait until they’re 15 gives them time to develop maturity and leadership skills. Younger aspiring Eagle Scouts have other avenues to pursue their service projects.

THUMBS UP to Rancho Bernardan Frank Terschan, the City of San Diego’s last original Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol member, who retired 21 years after joining the Rancho Bernardo unit that led to the citywide organization and was copied around the nation. From his June 15, 1992 graduation until his June 19 retirement, the 89-year-old volunteered for 5,437 hours. His leadership, knowledge and experience will be deeply missed by those he worked with to protect RB.

THUMBS UP to those involved in the planning of the numerous July 4th events in our area. An impressive list of fun options range from Poway’s Old-Fashioned Fourth in Old Poway Park, to the Spirit of the Fourth Parade and related events in Rancho Bernardo and a residents-only fun day in 4S Ranch. Topping off the day will be fireworks shows at Poway, Rancho Bernardo and Del Norte high schools. We wish everyone an enjoyable and safe holiday.

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4 Comments for “Our ‘Thumbs’ for July”

  1. Dem. Guest

    Mr. Peters is winning some notoriety with his "disengaged" president remark. I'm not exactly sure what that means. Does it mean the President is unavailable to be engaged with Mr. Peters? Have any of Mr. Peter's constituents tried to reach him, their representative? He must be "disengaged" or at least "unavailable" as he gives only a stock answer to emails. Mr. Obama's supporters voted Peters in, now he's being critical of him? Carl DeMaio is looking better all the time.

    • Dan Marc

      I take it that by using the phrase ' the most disengaged person you could imagine' Mr. Peters is being extremely diplomatic in his strong disappointment that he finds the President the most listless, inert, indifferent, apathetic, idle, indolent, inactive person in his position imaginable – at least on issues and initiatives Mr. Peters thinks he ought to be pro-active, busy, energetic, enthusiastic, diligent and industrious about. It is referred to in the article as Mr. Obama's 'leadership style'. I cannot find a leadership model anywhere that includes 'disengagement' as an attribute of any form of leadership. Then again, maybe Mr. Peters really means that the president has an ostrich approach to problem solving. Now that's a common human reaction to problems but still not part of any definition of leadership.

  2. snarky

    Carl DeMaio will never look good to anyone with a lick of sense. Carl is divisive to the core and lacks any ethics. His strong arm tactics to gain supporters during his mayoral run are the stuff of legends. He repeatedly called our office – knowing full well – NO ONE supported him and we supported Nathan Fletcher. Carl and members of his office would call two or three times a day. When Carl run the primary the calls increased. One person in our office was terrified of talking to Carl because that person was afraid of coming out publicly against DeMaio for fear of some type of political retribution. Carl's a crook and a liar.

  3. Commonsense

    Who would ever name a school "Design 39"? What's next, "Design 40"?

    "Yes, I'm a proud alumna of Design 39" and people will think you are referring to a cell block in a prison.

    Of all the nutty hare-brained idea, this is the top!

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