Hemphill: Go ahead Mayor Filner, stay in office

By Allen Hemphill

Columnists are, by training and experience, reflective, not reflexive. They need to avoid breaking news stories, lest their subject matter have changed by print time — but what the heck.

Allen Hemphill

When a fine politician with years of public service is found to have clay feet, one must grimace. When a hack politician is likewise found, it is time for a smiley face.

But when an arrogant, stupid politician, who has ridden his youthful Freedom Rider experience to a serial train wreck, aided and abetted by his fellow gutter-dwellers who have known of this aberrant activity for a LONG time, and only talked among themselves lest they derail the looming Democratic Party takeover of San Diego — then it is Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, sung in the Washington Cathedral by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

That he intends to tough it out is Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, complete with real cannon and church bells, because there is nothing that will do the “progressive” movement more harm than the exposure of the length and depth of this problem, and how a political party which skewers a Republican congressman for foot twirling under a public restroom partition, can press someone with Filner’s past to the mayoralty of a great city, then continue to support him years after knowing the truth, that will (hopefully) set us all free of even greater hypocrisy.

Bob says he will make policy changes in his office to solve this problem. He is the problem in the mayor’s office! The mayor’s office doesn’t need a policy change, it needs a personnel change.

Men come in several varieties: Foppish (today’s genre of choice); male; aggressive; crude; and brutish. Their sexual approaches to women can be soft or hard. I once served with a fellow submarine officer whose direct method was to leave our occasional wardroom dinner at a fine establishment (there were five of us) to approach a woman eating alone. He was direct: “Hi, I am an officer from a submarine that just came into port. Can I spend the weekend at your place?” He accepted rejection amiably, but was successful one in every five tries. He was greatly admired by our wardroom, because he was direct but not crude, or boorish.

(I always believed in the John Wayne approach — hard to men and soft to women. If that appears outdated, so be it. The Duke once held aloft at a party a sign reading “Hemphill for President” — so yes, we had met.)

Filner apparently falls in the crude or boorish category, but it is not some recent brain lesion or tumor that causes his actions — he has always been that way, and his voters knew exactly what they were getting. He was duly elected by people who knew he was an honors graduate of the Alec Baldwin Charm School, a man who challenges the Will Rogers remark that he never met a man he didn’t like.

His fellow politicians have warned each other for years about Filner, but the Democratic county machine, so eager for a win, pushed him anyway.

Great! The longer he stays, the worse it is for progressives.

Stay, Bob, stay!

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19 Comments for “Hemphill: Go ahead Mayor Filner, stay in office”

  1. Amy Roost

    Hahahaha Allen! Love all the double entendres that are deeply embedded in your column…

    I would like to know how we Dems were supposed to know of Filner’s proclivities? That said, I completely agree with you that insiders and those who have served on previous staffs had to know and am rather dismayed that they would put up a candidate with such personal liabilities. I’d like to know what Donna Frye and Marco Gonzalez, Todd Gloria, and all the rest of the party leaders were thinking when they hoisted his candidacy on those of us who have better things to do with our time than keep track of Filner’s marriages or personal foibles. There needs to be some real reporting on that story for sure!

    I will say, I do think what we’re looking with here is more than a arrogant stupid politician (tho he’s that too). I think what we’re looking at is some sort of mental illness. Probably Aspberger’s and/or bi-polar disease from what I can tell and what I know of these diseases. He doesn’t seem to pick up on social cues (Aspberger’s), and he behaves recklessly (bi-polar during manic phase). For these reasons, he deserves a little bit of sympathy…as a private citizen, not a mayor of one of the largest city’s in the country.

    • I thought Bob was simply engaging in Progressive Foreplay, and that is why Progressives — past and present (he DOES have Progressive support, still today) — gave him a pass.

      You can read supporters in many venues who say, Bob helped us with (Seals in La Jolla)(defeating "downtown interests")(getting potholes/sidewalks fixed), and the writers still support him. Marty Emerald still supports him.

      He will not resign because he can negotiate an exit if the sexual charges are reduced, or perhaps the Sunroad or Paris trip investigation is quashed — further so long as he remains in office his SUBSTANTIAL defense costs get paid by the taxpayer.

      Sticking the taxpayer ith expenses is a Progressive specialty.

    • Dan Marc

      About your diagnosis Amy – symptoms of both malady's are certainly there. But look to Narcissistic Personality Disorder as well. Some have it pathologically. Some acquire it behaviorally. It is rampant among those in power and in public life.

      Regardless….he should step down for the good of the city as well as for his own good. He is now tainted through violation of one of the last remaining, significant social and civil taboo's. He has no close support now. Moreover, one cannot be happy, nor can one man get much of anything accomplished in his office, fighting a 360 degree, overwhelmingly hostile situation. He needs to flee the scene, go private, and work full time on turning himself around and mending important relationships. He needs professional help over quite a period of time to reverse his persona. He hasn't that many viable years left to do that.

  2. Tom Yarnall

    Dr. Roost, How many common folks have gone to jail for like behavior? Can you name a politician who has gone because of sex abuse, such as this? If you can, it would be a rarity.
    Filner gets no sympathy from this old boy. Send him up the river!
    I would bet that most who knew of his proclivities did not divulge them because of personal greed. Remember the Sandusky case at Penn State?

    • Amy Roost

      I'll pass your comment along to my husband as I think it may have been directed to the doctor in the house, not me.

      Do people go to jail for sexual harassment? I'm not saying they shouldn't but I don't think it's all that common. I think they mostly just lose their jobs. And on that much, Tom, we can agree. Filner needs to lose his job.

      • Dan Marc

        Improper sexual conduct (including 'harassment') is not, per se, a criminal offense. Only criminal acts, like sexual assault, rape, battery, etc., can result in jail time. Sexual harassment can generate an employment termination plus a civil suit for damages by the plaintiff(s) – like with the Robert Reeves, PUSD case over a decade ago.

        Only the voters, via a recall election, can 'fire' Filner. No other government entity has the power and authority to fire him. A recall election will take some time to prepare and administer. In the mean time, the city should take Filner through a due process investigation to determine the factual scope and veracity of the allegations. The findings of that investigation will help voters decide.

  3. Allen Hemphill

    The Democratic(sic) Party brain-trust is meeting tonight (Thursday) to determine if they are willing to sacrifice women to the rest of the “Progressive”agenda.

    Stay tuned.

  4. EducatedThinker


    You obviously believe that Mr. Filner remaining in office is bad for the City, and on this we agree, although probably for different reasons. (I think the scandal substantially impairs Mr. Filner's ability to serve effectively as mayor; it appears you think Mr. DeMaio should have won the election and that no Democrat should ever be elected to public office.) Yet you unabashedly advovcate for Mr. Filner to "Stay, Bob, stay!" Why? Simply because "[t]he longer he stays, the worse it is for progressives."

    On this subject you appear to be no different than Congressional Republicans, who care more (seemingly only) about damaging "progressives" (Democrats) than about good governance or solving the country's vast problems (which most Americans correctly believe were largely created by Republicans). Sad, but telling I think. In my view, such loyalty to party/ideology instead of (or at least ahead of) loyalty to country is why Congressional Republicans are held in such low esteem by most Americans and why the "Party of No" is likely to continue its downward spiral toward irrelevance.

    But I do appreciate your candor.

  5. Schooled: Your reply demonstrates the difference between schooling and educated, and you have the wrong nom de plume, but that aside, there is a nuance you are missing, called satire.

    First, and most important, I am not now and have not been (at least for four decades) a member of either major party. Secondly, this kerfuffle is absolute manna for anyone in the press, opinion writers in particular. That it also skewers self-important “Progressives” ne Liberals who try to hold the high ground by proclaiming themselves as protectors of women, and claim it is Republicans declaring a “War on Women” is just too delicious to overlook.

    The Country Democratic Party is, if we can believe Ms. Busby, evenly split on the subject of Filner’s retirement. It underscores the hypocritical difference between Liberal’s rhetoric and their actions insofar as protecting women in the workplace is concerned. (Can you say “Clinton” – although that was consensual, it was still workplace sexual activity between high and low employee).

    I strongly suspect that in the halls of the Democratic(sic) Central Committee, the division is between women (for resignation), and unions (against).

    I love it. Divided, they teeter, if not fall. Hypocrisy is always a delightful subject.

    • EducatedThinker

      Part 1:

      Your ad hominems are childish, unproductive and will be ignored.

      Satire is an excuse easily offered in hindsight. Your contempt for all "progressives" whether they be registered Democrats or not is well known. You may no longer be a registered Republican, but your non-progressive ideology is plain for all to see; hence my reference to "party/ideology" rather than just "party."

      One liberal's errors, albeit heinous (at least to progressives) does not "skewer" all liberals, nor does it refute the existence of the Republican "War on Women," particularly given that so many of us have unreservedly demanded Filner's resignation. I dare say if Filner were a Republican, the Lincoln Club would back him 100%. And you talk of hypocrisy? ROFLOL! A delightful subject indeed!

    • EducatedThinker

      Part 2:

      Finally, your generalized speculation about which progressives favor resignation vs. oppose it is just that, speculation. Didn't Lorena Gonzalez (a female yes, but CEO of San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council before her election to the Assembly), her brother Marco (male) and Cory Briggs (also male) attend last night's meeting and advocate for Filner's immediate resignation? Ms. Busby (a female) does not favor resignation. One male I know who aparently doesn't favor his resignation is you Allen. Oh, that's right, just satire… Thanks for clarifying.

  6. Allen Hemphill

    Democrats, knowing the piggish behavior of Filner, known in Washington as “Filthy Filner, and “the Grand Canyon of A-Holes,” willingly put Filner forward as their candidate, financed and voted to have women ultimately molested, the City devolved into chaos and now made a national laughingstock on TV and in print. Everyone from the LA Times and NY Times to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC is covering this DEMOCRAT kerfuffle.

    Comic-Con is NOT the biggest joke in town and that is a hard act to top! Late night comedians are laughing AT Democrats, not with them — and Democrats have brought us to this.

    Now your (editorial “your”) vote will also bring us the expenditure of untold tax dollars to defend your selection, not just from charges of sexual harassment but quite likely from extortion in the Sunroad affair.


    “Another such victory and we are undone!”

    • EducatedThinker

      Part 1:

      I first met Mr. Filner more than 25 years ago, and have always considered him an a-hole. But I never observed or heard about any sexual harrassment. Many others I know were likewise aware that he was a first class jerk but unaware of any lewd behavior. (I also know Mr. DeMaio and he too is an a-hole. Residing in Poway, I did not vote for SD mayor; given the chance I would have voted for Mr. Fletcher in the primary, and in the general election had he been in the top two, and that was before he became a Democrat.) Now that Mr. Filner's behavior has become known, many (most?) Democrats are rightfully demanding his resignation for the good of the City.

    • EducatedThinker

      Part 2:

      How many Republicans demanded the resignation of Senators Craig or Ensign? To what extent did then-Majority Leader Boehner cover up for Mark Foley? How many so-called "family values conservatives" voted for Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Gov. (vaginal probe) McDonell or countless other Republicans after their true colors became known? Which disgraced former governor was just elected to Congress from South Carolina? I must have missed your columns demanding their resignations or proclaiming their unfitness for office. So you can spare us your righteous indignation; it is nothing more than partisan bovine droppings.

      • Tom Yarnall

        Wow! You called Allen a partisan after trying to stack the deck against Republicans?
        How about Democrats Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Gary Hart, Gary Condit, Wilbur Mills, Mel Reynolds, Wayne Hays, etc, etc, etc.?
        Sexual drive over powers rational thinking in many people, regardless of party affiliation. Get real.

  7. Allen Hemphill

    Excusing bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior is not a defense, it is an excuse.

    In the Pantheon of A-Holeness in which all politicians reside, “Grand Canyon…” must be at the apex, and that is what the Democrats have have visited, knowingly, to San Diego.

    I have no doubt that Filner will resign when he has wrung the most he can negotiate for his sunset fade to black.

    Voters would do well to give a proctologist style exam to any candidate that Democrats bring next to the arena. Republican Mayors have been inept but not venal, while the only Democrat proposed, financed, supported and elected (by hiding the truth from the casual voters) is, well, Bob Filner.

    The low-information voters were “Filnered” by the local Democrats, who knew, or should have known.

    Take a bow!

  8. Allen Hemphill

    Filner will make the CBS Evening News tomorrow night, and Stephen Colbert ‘s show.

    Those who have known Filner for years can take an encore bow,

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