City sued over Poway Valley Stock Farm vote

By Steve Dreyer

The City of Poway is being sued over an Aug. 20 City Council decision to approve plans to replace the Poway Valley Stock Farm with lots for 12 estate homes.

Preserve Poway, an unincorporated association that has High Valley land use attorney William Koska as its president, is asking a Superior Court judge to set aside the approval and order the city to prepare a full environmental impact report on the project.

The Poway Valley Stock Farm on Tierra Bonita Road.

The lawsuit claims the City Council’s 4-0 approval violated state laws “and Preserve Poway will suffer irreparable harm because of violations of applicable land use laws and regulations and significant adverse environmental impacts generated by the project that will not have been properly analyzed under CEQA” (California Environmental Quality Act).

A special City Council meeting has been set for 6 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the lawsuit in closed session. The regular council meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

The Aug. 20 approval came after seven speakers, including Koska, spoke in opposition to the proposal. Koska said the city’s recommended mitigated negative environmental declaration was insufficient and questioned the effect that decades of nitrates from horse urine would have on the soil. He unsuccessfully sought a 60-90 day delay in the vote.

Also named as respondents in the civil suit are property owners Harry A. Rogers and John F. and Shirley R. Trochta and John Fitch and Associates, the project consultant.

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5 Comments for “City sued over Poway Valley Stock Farm vote”

  1. Poway Resident

    This is ridiculous. He lost trying to delay the vote so he is suing the city. Guess that is what lawyers do. I am all for preserving the City of Poway but a lawsuit against the city is not the right way to go about it. They are developing a primarily dirt lot with homes. How is building new homes not preserving the city in the long run? From my understanding the lot has horses on it and Koska is hiding behind not wanting to loose the stables. Even though all of the new homes will be allowed the same number of horses that are currently on the same lot. The equine community is very important to Poway there are plenty of resources available for those horse owners that might have to relocate horses. Not all change is bad, new homes are good for Poway. Speak up for Poway, encourage change and progress that will help preserve the beauty of Poway. Do not encourage people like Koska that are ultimately hurting Poway by costing us valuable resources dealing with his lawsuit. He had a chance to speak up city council heard him, it was a unanimous decision to move forward.

  2. Joe St. Lucas

    There is nothing stopping the owner from kicking out the stock farm now and letting the land go fallow for years with no EIR needed. The horse "nitrates" will be covered up by cement, asphault, and the extra dirt it'll take to mitigate the 100 year flooding.
    If Preserve Poway wants this to continue, they could offer the owner $$$ to buy the property. Hate to see the horses go, but this is residential property being used to build houses.

  3. Poway Livin'

    This is hogwash. How is the building of one dozen million dollar homes going to be "bad" for Poway? It isn't like the Poway Valley Stock Farm is on some precious mountain space. It's a nearly empty dirt lot along a street, next to a cemetery. What's with this guy and his Pee-Patrol? Must be more than what meets the eye. I think Poway residents need to be concerned about this Koska and his intentions. "Preserve Poway"? Yea, sure. Way to win hearts with the catchy name. Might as well be "Save the Children…of Poway".

  4. Poway Tax Payer

    I hope our City considers a counter suit for sanctions over this frivolous lawsuit.

  5. Southside neighbor

    If i was Mr. Rogers I would just close up the stables. Bottom line….it's his property and he should be allowed to do what he wants with it. Mr. Koska needs to get a life. He should be using his time picking a fight with someone else.

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