Letters to the editor – Issue of Sept. 26, 2013

Unions serve purpose

Regarding Dick Lyles’ statement in his Sept. 19 column: “…we must stand up to the unions.”

Without unions we little people are in a big against little situation. Big always wins — meaning keeping compensation so low that life is a struggle. The purpose of unions is to get the best deal it can for we little people. Apparently, unions have been doing a good job. On the other hand, the government has not bargained well enough for you. What we need is better people in government who will bargain harder — not no unions. Those are the “we” people, not you and me.

Charlie Podvin, Poway

Writer wrong on Realtors

Tom Moore’s Sept. 19 letter to the editor is so representative regarding one of the biggest problems we are currently facing in this country, and for that matter, the world. It is always much easier to blame somebody else for a problem we are facing than taking personal responsibility.

Mr. Moore pointed out that during an Aug. 19 Poway Unified School District board meeting, Superintendent John Collins suggested that Realtors should be held accountable for the creation of a misunderstanding regarding which school a child will attend within the PUSD district.

In the next paragraph, Mr. Moore goes on to state that Realtors should advise our clients regarding this situation.

I’m sorry, Mr. Moore, but that is not our job. If a client has a concern about which school their children will attend, they should go directly to the proper authority in order to get the most current and accurate information. If the client doesn’t know who the proper authority is, then we should assist in getting that information for them. As Mr. Moore’s letter implies, sometimes changes are made at the very last minute, so why would the client want to rely on an outside source when they need to go directly to the proper authority, which is not the Realtor.

Robert F. Weurding, Rancho Bernardo

Opposes voter ID cards

In the Sept. 12 issue, William Stamos postulated that Democrats are against voter ID cards because they fear losing illegal votes. He seems to equate progressive voters with the “47%” made famous by Mitt Romney. Mr. Stamos suggests that if Democrats can get to “the welfare office, food stamp office, hospital, Planned Parenthood, bank, grocery store, court house, casino, DMV, doctor’s office, VA, or the polls”… they can get to wherever the voter ID would be issued. He also states that “Most of these offices” require ID.

Not only is his assumption that progressive voters are indigent, lazy and out for government handouts, he’s mistaken about most of those offices requiring ID, other than a driver’s license, a student ID, or a military ID. He makes disrespectful assumptions about blacks and poor whites while he’s slamming progressives in general.

My Aunt Helen is 93, disabled by a stroke, and her driver’s license expired years ago. Her son lives with her, but he does not drive. She has home health aides who give her good care, but not transportation. Friends drive her to church when she is able, but it’s a huge effort. Her son wheels her to the polling place each spring and fall, in her wheel chair. She has never missed voting in an election, and is rightly proud of that record. The need for a voter ID card would “negate her legal vote” and “disenfranchise” this loyal American, DAR member, and lifelong Democrat.

Kate Baker Tilton, Poway

Signs ‘rubber-stamped’

The newly approved Martincoit all-way stop signs at Stone Canyon were approved in what can only be described as a rubber stamping exercise.

It was my first appearance at a traffic safety meeting, and it became clear that a few vocal retired residents who long for the old Martincoit Road represented the entire population of drivers who use the intersection.

There have been so few incidents at the corner that they couldn’t be used as evidence. The only testimony supporting the new stop signs came from a few who find the corner “scary” and drive well below the speed limit to punish those who drive the speed limit.

The decision should be challenged by a vote of all the residents, not just a few who can attend a 2 p.m. weekday meeting.

Gary Holden, Poway

Bad behavior

Walking out on hearing the families who have lost loved ones in Benghazi is unconscionable. How rude and insensitive these representatives were to those who have paid the ultimate price for defending every U.S. citizen. Please keep this in mind when voting for the re-election of any San Diego Democratic House representative.

Solomon Pinczewski, Poway

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24 Comments for “Letters to the editor – Issue of Sept. 26, 2013”

  1. Amy Roost

    Mr. Pinczewski,

    With all due respect to you and the families of the Benghazi victims, you and they've been duped by Darrell Issa. the story rocketed around conservative media that, as Fox News put it, Democrats were "spitting on the graves" of Benghazi victims by not sitting for the parents' testimonies.

    There are 24 Republicans and 17 Democrats on the House Oversight Committee. Democrats sit on the left, from the witness's perspective; Republicans sit on the right. Mr. Issa Tweeted a picture of the Democratic side of the committee room showing several missing Democrats. What he didn't text was a picture of the GOP side of the committee room where only six of 24 Republicans were present. It is a disgrace that our elected representatives were not all there, but the blame does not lie with Democrats alone, not even mostly. Higher percentage of Republicans were missing from that hearing than Dems. And DEM be the facts.

  2. guest

    Obama lied in his UN speech when he blamed one private person who made a movie as the reason for Benghazi. HE alone is responsible for the outcome. NOT the investigative body that Obama continues to obstruct even this very day. Obama is responsible for Benghazi and nobody else.

  3. anon

    Regarding voter ID. Identification is required for just about everything we do. Dont blame an expired drivers license to deny this law. Help the eldery voting is great. Stop by and help them get a regular ID card so they may continue to vote.

    Voting should require valid ID from every single voter. This would asssure ONE vote and only ONE vote by valid citizens. I understand why democrats hate voter ID. Because they rely on cheating to steal elections.

  4. Amy Roost

    Guest, no question about it. Obama conspired with terrorist to have his own embassy personnel murdered. Then tried to cover it up. He's likely behind the attack on Pearl Harbor as well.

    • Tom Yarnall

      Amy, no Obama did not conspire with the terrorist, even though he is sympathetic to the religion that drives them. He went to Vegas for fun, frolic and a fund raiser. He left things to Clinton and her dim witted underlings, who refused to to approve any effort to save those brave souls. Quite a Commander in Chief that abandons his troops during battle.
      Just sticking to the Democrats without logic is demeaning at best. Don't you understand the attack was organized and Ambassador Stevens warned about the attack before it happened? He told them something was brewing and he could not defend the Embassy if attacked.
      Would you not take immediate action if you were in charge, or would you have joined Obama in Vegas?

  5. D & D

    Amy, I'm very angry with you. You and your snarky remark are way off base. This is a low blow even for you. Obama had a chance to right the ship before it happened and he basically choose to ignore it. I will not debate you on this Amy. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Shame on you.

  6. Amy Roost

    D & D, I don't care to debate with you either. My comment was directed at guest because he-she like many others is confusing who is responsible for Benghazi with what was disclosed by the administration in its aftermath.

    Obama is not responsible for what happened in Benghazi any more than Congress is or anymore than any sitting president is when one of our embassies is attacked, e.g. Was Reagan responsible for Lebanon.

    There have been 18 US embassies or consulates attacked since 2000 resulting in at least 16 deaths. Where was the outrage over those attacks? Can you even name one of them? Probably not, because Benghazi is not about the people who lost their lives it's about the GOP looking for any excuse to discredit the Democrats and more importantly Obama.

    My initial comment was about the Mr. Pinczewski suggesting we vote the Democratic rascals out for walking out on the Benghazi hearings. However since Fox reported that story (based on Issa's Tweet), it's been discredited by "more responsible" media outlets. The truth is there were fewer % of Republicans than Dems in room when that picture was snapped. The news is sometimes what we don't see and what is not told us.

    I'm not defending Obama's handling of the aftermath of Benghazi. He should have waited and made sure the intelligence he was reporting was solid. He should not have sent his spinners on the Sunday morning shows.

    Final proof that this is all about politics is this: Where was the right's outrage when George Bush's shoddy intelligence led us into a 10 year war in Iraq? Why wasn't Bush impeached or brought up on war crimes for the mass murder of Iraqui civilians and American troops all based on poor intelligence?

    • Tom Yarnall

      No , Obama was not directly responsible for Benghazi, but he did nothing to prevent it from happening. It's just symbolic of his ineptitude as a president. Nothing good has happened over the last five years except for things that occur naturally in the private sector. He has done nothing except to spawn a greater dependance the government by the do nothings, whose rolls continue to rise exponentially.

  7. guest

    Amy, you are too predictable. This is why you have ZERO credibility.

    For the record, Obama is the president right now. He lies all the time and yes he CAUSED Benghazi.

    Your perfect president is a disaster.

    • Amy Roost

      And the earth is FLAT, guest. Assertions and all caps don't make things true. How about you counter some of what I say above with FACTS?

  8. anon

    Obama wants to negotiate with Iran but he completely rejects ANY idea of working with Republicans. Chicago politics is getting really really old.

    • Amy Roost

      Anon, it is my opinion that you are blaming Obama for Republican intransigence but truth be told neither of us really knows what's been said at the negotiation table. Both sides will try to spin to their advantage. If Obama presents a fair deal, the fact that the GOP doesn't take it means he didn't try to negotiate? That logic makes no sense. The ACA was originally proposed as a single payer system. Ask any Progressive and they'll tell you they're mad as he*l that Obama gave in on that. Who'd he give into? The GOP, and big business, that's who. He should have never allowed the GOP to hold raising the debt ceiling hostage in 2011. It resulted in a mini-economic meltdown and lowering of our credit rating. He was over-eager to negotiate the debt ceiling last time, but won't this time. Should be interesting to see what happens in the weeks ahead. In fact, I'm kinda thinking of taking a page out of the GOP playbook and not paying my bills until the credit card companies send me flowers on my birthday.

      • Tom Yarnall

        Amy, although I don't , necessarily, disagree with his reaction, the Syria situation defies your messiah quite well. He drew a red line and when it was violated he backed further into the corner and absolutely nothing has been done to prevent another WMD attack. Very indicative of his 5 years in office. Lot's of rhetoric, but no substance.

        • Amy Roost

          Except for a UN proposal to disarm Syria of it's chemical weapons that was passed yesterday UNANIMOUSLY. It was voted in favor of by Syria's closes allies, China and Russia. Somewhat unprecedented.

          But, yeah, whatever you say Tom, his "strategery" hasn't really worked very well in disarming Syria of WMDs. It's your world and and you're welcome to it.

          • Tom Yarnall

            Amy, don't hold you breath until the UN does anything to force Syria to get rid of the WMD's they got from the other fanatic, Saddam Hussein. If pressed Assad will just move them to Iran, where they will have safe haven until needed. The UN has done nothing to stop Iran from building the bomb, so please tell me how they could force them to give up the gas cannisters?
            Assertions and all caps don't make things rational. Do you think for a minute Russia and China will join a task force to go into Syria to forcefully get the WMD's? I give you more credit than that so stop being silly.

          • Amy Roost

            Tom, No one forced China and Russia to vote in favor of the resolution. In fact they rarely do. Stability in the region is in their interest as well as ours. Additionally, the deal includes enforcement language which Russia and China said repeatedly they would not agree to.

            Also, the US and Israel have done MUCH to prevent Iran from building the bomb, you are the silly one for suggesting otherwise. It's Obama's draconian economic sanctions against Iran that set the stage for a more moderate president being elected and for the opening of diplomatic channels with Iran. Not to mention ours and Israeli cyber warfare against Iran.

            Maybe Assad will break every promise and maybe Rouhani's outreach is made up of nothing but hollow gestures. But for now, there is hope.

            The difference between you and I Tom is I live in hope and you live in fear. History will tell which one of us was wrong.

          • Tom Yarnall

            The Russia and China vote was just a token. It cost them nothing because they know Obama will just want to talk about it and will never support direct intervention by the U.S. and their, apparent, allies. They, especially, know the UN is just for talking points and is powerless and useless.
            Wow! the US and Israel have really done a magnificent job slowing down the building of a bomb haven't them. You, or any one else, knows how far they are in the process, except to know they are still on tract.
            I'll just bet you would have had the same attitude about living in fear before1939 when Hitler started gassing the Jews. What has history told us about that or are you one who declares it never happened?
            I prefer to be safe than sorry.

  9. guest

    Feel free to STOP at the point where you state "neither of us really know." Everything after that is bunk.
    You honestly think the earth is flat? Wow. Bush probably did that, too.

    Seriously, can you write something persuasive that can actually be beneficial to everyone instead of constantly alienating everybody that does not share your narrow-minded point of view? Bringing people together should be the order of the day. Not the constant racist hatred divisiveness that seethes from the left every time they speak.

  10. guest

    17 Trillion dollar debt of which Obama is responsible for more than half. I have an idea, lets not have a debt ceiling and lets never even consider paying down our debts. This is THE plan from your left wing leader. Hows that working out? And he didnt even send you flowers. Darn. Have a good day.

    • Amy Roost

      "17 Trillion dollar debt of which Obama is responsible for more than half." What's your source for that very interesting statistic?

      • Frank

        You're right Amy. It's not more than half. Let's do the math on Obama's spending: Green fees and golf equipment = $3 trillion. Family vacations = $3 Trillion. Free Obama phones = $1 Trillion. Mrs. Obama's clothes = $1 Trillion. The Emperors new clothes = $0. Well, there you have it. $8 Trillion is not quite half of $17 Trillion. 2 Pinocchio's to 'guest' on his claim. Don't despair though 'guest' – Obama will get there by Christmas.

  11. D & D

    It's Just Amy. Consider the source.

  12. Allen Hemphill

    Gosh, a food fight and no one invited me, but I’ll remark anyway.

    Whatever Amy said, is wrong –except of course about the Earth.

    It is flat!

  13. guest

    We dont have to agree with each other but at least we are talking. Cant say the same for "my way or the highway obama." Er unless you are Iran.

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