Mountain lion spotted in Westwood neighborhood

By Elizabeth Marie Himchak

A mountain lion has been spotted in Rancho Bernardo’s Westwood neighborhood this week.

Nancy Kohler, who lives on Cassia Place, said she looked out her window and saw the animal walking on the sidewalk in front of her house around 5:15 a.m. on Monday. Kohler said while it was not yet dawn, she could see the animal clearly because of the street light in front of her house.

Kohler said she did not know if it was a bobcat or mountain lion, but after describing the animal to a Department of Fish and Game official he said it was a mountain lion.

She said it was full grown, large enough to make “a coyote look like a puppy” in comparison.

According to Kohler, the official said there have been reports of mountain lions in the Rancho Bernardo Community Park area, but it is unusual for one to be in a residential area. Her street, however, terminates at a canyon.

Kohler said she informed her neighbors and the Westwood Club about the sighting so residents can be alerted to the animal’s presence.

“It’s a real safety issue,” she said.

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1 Comment for “Mountain lion spotted in Westwood neighborhood”

  1. uclalum

    Very in depth reporting… how about a statement from the F&G official indicated what action one should take should they encounter the animal? Look big & mighty as you give chase, Freeze as you slowly go fetal position, book it the other way, climb a tree, etc.?

    If you really want to be tenacious you could include detaisl on past sighting, dangerous encounters, tyical habitat, expected count in the region, size of animal range.

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