Letters to the editor: Issue of Jan. 23, 2014

At least Obama cares

Regarding Larry Hennessee’s Jan. 9 letter:

My dictionary defines tirade as “a long, vehement speech” so technically my Jan. 2 letter was not a tirade, but if it was, so is his, especially against President Obama. He blasts Obama for spending 17 days in Hawaii. Does he know how many days George W. Bush spent away from D.C. during his eight years in office? I do: 1,020 days, more than any U.S. president since Herbert Hoover and possibly more than any other president in history.

At least Obama cares that so many in the country have no health insurance. Mr. Hennessee said nothing about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started because Bush lied.

My favorite editorial cartoon ever showed Bush sitting at his desk looking at the phone and two aides in the background saying to each other, “Which one of us has to tell him there is no Nobel War Prize?”

Martha W. Beck, Rancho Bernardo

Thanks for the support

We would like to thank the many generous people who helped make Operation HoHoHo 2013 a huge success.

For the second year in a row, we were able to provide some young Marines of the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion and their families with a joyful Christmas. We presented 13 families with gifts for the parents and their children. We also purchased 25 commissary gift cards to be distributed by the battalion’s chaplain. Our six-vehicle delivery convoy included two trucks full of donated furniture to fill previously empty rooms of several delighted families.

We are truly blessed to live in such a community full of generous and selfless people who are willing to give their time and money to help others. Thank you very much.

John and Susie Mullin, Poway

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11 Comments for “Letters to the editor: Issue of Jan. 23, 2014”

  1. Martha: Blaming Bush is such an old cliche that everyone except you has abandoned it. More recent events — one that is devastating the economy — is Obamacare, which is so bad that even insurance companies are abandoning it because the promised new, unsubsidized youth are NOT joining. This has led to President Obama having a LOWER approval rating than that coke-snorting, alcoholic, fat buffoon, the Mayor of Toronto!

    That, at least is more in the vein of current events. Getting into Iraq (which Obama called the bad war), or Afghanistan (which Obama called the good war) is a question for the history books.

  2. Guest

    Martha please please give us one example of what Obama did to earn the Nobel Peace Prize when he received it. Other than his far left ideology and his favorite skin color, what did he do? I can answer that….NOTHING.

    You say Obama care so much that he implemented Obamacare. Why did he example his friends then? is that because he does not like his friends? May I suggest that friends do not exempt friends from something good.

    Obama admits that he lied about people who want to keep their doctor can keep their doctor. is that the kind of "caring" that you speak of? Not sending help to Benghazi and allowing Americans to die in exchange for re-election….is that the kind if caring you speak of? Constantly sending the IRS, NSA, or other officials to attack those that disagree with him…Is that what you mean by caring? Finally, flirting with a female leader of another country while attending a head of state funeral…..That must be what you mean by caring. Disrespecting his wife and country…..and secretly vacationing with another man……

    Have you read "Dreams from my Father? The dope smoking vile man you look up to tells me how low you really set the bar…I can go on an on and on.

  3. Guest

    BTW, Obama was supposed to dig us out of all the messes that you and your wing say Bush left us in. The reality is Obama singlehandedly has destroyed our country is every aspect. He has had 6 years to fix everything….he has always been a FAKE….

  4. Tom Yarnall

    Hats off to the Mullins. They brought joy and holiday cheer to many who are dedicated to protecting our liberty and freedom. THANK YOU.

    • Maddie

      Agreed, Tom! Such a commendable thing to do for some unsung heroes…And to all that helped- you make us proud of our generous community! On behalf of them all, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Obama's a fraud

    Martha, If that fraud Obama was such a great, caring man, why did his wife file for divorce?

    • MarriageIntact

      Where do you get your information? This is an old rumor that somehow you've managed to resurrect. I suspect all presidential marriages are run through the wringer. Before popping off you should do some basic (and I mean basic) research.

  6. Guest

    My favorite cartoon was the one that showed Barack sitting at his oval office desk signing yet another Trillion. Barack asked the Emanual Brothers what comes after 18 Trillion. They responded with laughter, “More lies.” Barack has NO debt ceiling and NO spending OFF switch.

  7. loserobummer

    I saw the Bill Oreilly interview with Obama. OBAMA LIED with ALL his answers. Look at Benghazi. Obama said he called it a terrorrist attack the following day. Yet he told the public and the United Nations speech that it was all from a derogotory movie. Remember? And he had Susan Rice go on all the talk shows saying the same thing. REMEMBER?

    During the interview, Obama was asked about obamacare mistakes. He said he just wants to move forward. Yet he constantly goes way back to blame Bush for everything. Obama is a loser.

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