Poway to consider banning e-cigarettes

By Steve Dreyer

Poway may soon join the growing list of cities around the state banning the use of electronic cigarettes in public areas.

A proposed ordinance will be reviewed at the City Council’s Feb. 4 meeting. The measure would prohibit e-cigarette use in public buildings, grounds, parks and trails. Tobacco cigarette smoking is already banned in these locations.

“Electronic cigarettes pose unknown health risks, are increasingly popular with minors, and undermine smoke-free ordinance enforcement capabilities,” Interim City Manager Tina White wrote in a report to the council.

E-cigarettes have been banned in Carlsbad and Vista, White noted. Similar bans are under consideration in La Mesa and San Diego. Current state law prohibits their sale to minors but does not regulate where they can be used.

The devices are battery-powered and permit the user to inhale water vapor without producing fire, smoke or carbon monoxide. They use cartridges, generally containing nicotine, to deliver vapors to the user.

“Despite the potential use of e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking, there are significant health concerns related to e-cigarettes,” White wrote. “In particular, a limited analysis by the Food and Drug Administration found that e-cigarettes do contain carcinogens, including nitrosamines as well as toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol.

“Although e-cigarettes do not produce the same smoke as traditional cigarettes, they do produce a cloud of vapors containing unknown substances and sometimes produce an unpleasant odor. The possible health effects of bystanders breathing or absorbing these vapors through their skin is unknown.”

White added that the use of e-cigarettes in smoke-free locations “complicates compliance.”

“It is difficult to distinguish between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes without physically inspecting the object in question, which has resulted in an increase in contacts between smokers and enforcement personnel.”

The City Council will meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday Feb. 4 in the council chambers, 13325 Civic Center Drive.

Other items on the agenda include:

• A reorganization of the city clerk and city manager’s offices. White proposes to create the position of deputy city clerk, replacing the currently vacant position of records technician. The new position would pay $64,331 per year. That’s 29 percent more than the $49,914 salary of the vacant post. White said that the position is needed in light of additional responsibilities now assigned to the city clerk. White also proposes a job promotion for Carol Legg, who is the confidential senior administrative assistant in the city manager’s office. Her new position would be executive assistant to the city manager. Her salary would increase 22 percent, to $64,331, the same as the deputy city clerk. Poway had both proposed new positions until 2007, when they were both vacated, White said.

• A workshop session on ways the city might expand sending out notices of public hearings beyond just to property owners of record.

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9 Comments for “Poway to consider banning e-cigarettes”

  1. Clariece

    There is absolutely nothing unknown with the vapor contents of e-cigarettes (any more than there were unknown effects by the cigarette companies about nicotine). Here's a list of what everyone breathes in from an e-cigarette. (MS=mainstream) (SS = sidestream). (From http://www.tobacco.ucsf.edu/10-chemicals-identifi...

    Acetaldehyde (MS)
    Benzene (SS)
    Cadmium (MS)
    Formaldehyde (MS,SS)
    Isoprene (SS)
    Lead (MS)
    Nickel (MS)
    Nicotine (MS, SS)
    N-Nitrosonornicotine (MS, SS)
    Toluene (MS, SS)

  2. Tom Yarnall

    Ban e cigs? I'll drink to that.

  3. Guardian

    I see Stanton Glantz is busy collecting his big Pharma payouts again. By keeping smokers on the merry-go-round of smokes, smoking cessation products (SCP), smokes, SCP, rinse repeat, he keeps big Pharma happy enough to grant him grants to continue bashing all tobacco harm reduction (THR) products, big Pharmas main nemesis.

    Dearest citizens of Poway, do not listen to the fear mongering propagandists who thrive off smoke taxes, TSET, & big Pharma grants. Do your research, save your loved ones & your economy both.

    Learn what the scientific term "Trace" means.
    Learn what the scientific term "Threshold" means.
    Learn what the human body naturally exhales on a daily basis.
    Learn how to calculate how many gallons per day a Vaper would have to vape in order to even reach 1/2 the threshold level.
    Learn how much the average Vaper vapes per day. (3-6 mls per day).
    Learn how to calculate how many Vapers vaping would be needed in order to reach threshold levels within an hour, inside an avg 20×20 ventilated room.
    Involve your science & math classes, talk to respected lab scientists who have devoted their time & energy into discovering facts, not hyperbole.
    Learn what Nicotrol is, the facts about nicotine dependence, the difference between addiction & dependence, & the difference between real cigs & eCigs.
    Learn how many "Traces" are found within every single patch, gum, spray, & nicotrol. (Nicotrol has at least 5 added ingredients more).
    Learn what propylene glycol is, Dr. Robertson's studies (1942 I believe).
    Learn what vegetable glycerine is.
    Learn the various ways both products are used in our daily lives.
    Learn the average American products's levels of toxins & carcenogens. Have you read your toothpaste label lately? Shampoo? Carpeting?
    Learn how to arm yourself against propaganda so that you can indeed become a smoke free, happy, & prosperous town.

  4. Guardian

    To learn about eCigs from respectable doctors & scientists,
    Google: CASAA
    Google: Dr. Farsalinos
    Google: Dr. Riccardo Polosa
    Google: Dr. Jean Francois Etter
    Google: Drexel Study by Dr. Igor Burstyn
    Google: Dr Jacques Le Houezec. He is managing editor of treatobacco.net an authoritative source on the treatment of tobacco dependence. He says it is unethical to ban a safer alternative to cigarettes [Feb 2013 here].
    Google: Professor Michael Russell. The late great Mike Russell, then of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Health Behaviour Unit at the Institute for Psychiatry was one of the pioneers of insights into nicotine addiction and behaviour. He wrote the following in the British Journal of Addiction.
    Google: Clive Bates of the counterfactual.
    And so many more.

  5. Elaine Keller

    Ms. White appears to not know that the FDA-approved nicotine patch contains the same harmless quantity of "carcinogens" as a day's supply of e-liquid–about 8 nanograms (parts per billion). To put this in perspective, a pack of Marlboro delivers 123,000 nanograms. Hmmm… 8 or 123,000. Which sounds less hazardous?

    Dr. Igor Burstyn of Drexel University School of Public Health performed a comprehensive analysis that has been published in the peer reviewed journal, BMC Public Health. He noted that contaminants that have been mentioned in some studies are at trivial levels that pose no health risk to users themselves, much less to bystanders whose exposure is even lower.

    The fact that her enforcement personnel might have to work a littler harder is a poor excuse for Ms. White to punish the use of a substitute that can reduce the health risks of smokers by about 99%. It's their job to work in the best interests of public health, and it is Ms. White's job to learn the real facts instead of relying on anti-harm reduction propaganda.

  6. Joe St. Lucas

    Make sure to send in your opinions to the Poway staff If you agree or disagree w. them prior to the meeting next Tuesday.

  7. Clariece

    How can inhaling/exhaling Tolulene reduce health risks? If you want to smoke do it in your own home or your own car; but keep it out of my air. We have enough bad air to breathe without adding yet another chemical offense. And frankly, what might be an insignificant assault on one person, could be the one final chemical assault that triggers illness in another. Cigarettes – whether e-cigs or regular – have no business in a public place or restaurant. Keep your chems to yourself. Pollute yourself all you want, but you don't get to breathe that stuff onto my kids and grandkids.

  8. Gary V.

    I think you folks are off point here. The issue is not a health issue. If someone wants to 'smoke' those disgusting things them let em…in the privacy of their own home where I don't have to smell or be subjected to it…the 'smoke'. My wife's nephew 'smokes' one of those things and it is disgusting, smells up his clothes and car just like a regular cigarette and I don't allow him in our house or cars when he's been smoking them.

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