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Roma Market will offer Italian specialty goods

Owner Peter Impala in Roma Market, which will open on Sunday.   Photo by Emily Sorensen

North County will have a new place to find Italian speciality goods with Roma Market, which opens on Sunday, Nov. 23 at 1054 West Valley Parkway in Escondido.

Mr. Marketing: More hot dogs, please

Rob Weinberg

With pleasure. I ran this story years ago, demonstrating how marketing’s an investment in your business, not an expense. It’s as true today as it was then.

Get your party started at SD Party Rentals

Daphne and Mark Evanchik of SD Party Rentals.

Need some chairs for your event? SD Party Rentals can supply that and more.

Mr. Marketing: Ignore Boomers at your peril

Rob Weinberg

“Ask Mr. Marketing” by Rob Weinberg You may recall I’m not very technical. This is problematic when seeking technical help online. Apparently, most technical service representatives believe I should know how to connect the Whozits to the Whatchamacallit, and I’m a doofus if I don’t. Of course if we all knew everything about computers these [...]

Boto Sushi offers upscale, fresh Japanese

From left, Mina and Simon Lee in Boto Sushi. Photo by Emily Sorensen

Looking for good sushi? Then check out Boto Sushi in Carmel Mountain Ranch.

Mr. Marketing: Let clients in on your vacation plans

Rob Weinberg

¡Hola! My bride and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary on the Mexican Riviera Maya. There we over-drank, overate and overslept at every opportunity. We spent time in the ocean, the jungle, in underground lakes, and on a zip-line shouting “Yee-ha!” with newfound friends.

Martial arts studio providing kicks for students for 30 years

From left, Jordan Barker, Barry Barker and Joshua Lara-Barker.

Barry Barker and the staff at Poway Martial Arts and Fitness Center may have hit a milestone, but don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon.

Poway’s Beijing City offers authentic Chinese cuisine

April Zhao, owner and manager of Beijing City, Poway’s newest Chinese restaurant.

Looking for an authentic, sit-down Chinese experience? Then try Beijing City, at 12334 Poway Road.

Mr. Marketing: Let’s start from the very beginning

Rob Weinberg

An email’s first sentence sets the tone for your entire marketing message. The reader wants to know “What’s In It For Me?”

ACE Tutoring is here to educate your children

Anh and Steve Eggers, who own ACE Tutoring in Poway.

Does your student need a little help conquering Common Core? Then check out ACE Tutoring in Poway.