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My Town: Why not try traveling the lesser-known path?

Bob Emery

As I have written many times, road trippin’ is a passion of mine. I love nothing better than to be driving somewhere, anywhere, on the open road. I don’t need a particular destination, just a road to somewhere.

Roost: Striking fear in the hearts of the electorate

Amy Roost

Striking fear in the hearts of the electorate is a much more efficient way of garnering votes than troubling with educating the electorate and opening up messy cans of substance.

Hemphill: Would you build a plant in California?

Allen Hemphill

Sacramento is slow to awaken to the exit of California jobs.

Cronin: Killing the Starfish

Barry Cronin

Yes, we do need to attack and destroy known enemy targets, but we need also keep in mind the pieces will eventually grow back, and ofttimes somewhere else.

Guest column: ‘Fresh thinkers’ needed on school board

Mr. Collins is protected, but I believe we need some fresh thinkers on the PUSD board and hope the electorate will recognize that come voting time.

Lyles: United Nations is a great idea that is simply not working

Dick Lyles

We should either make it work or stop wasting precious resources pretending it is.

Roost: Two changes could make United Nations more effective

Amy Roost

A more democratic, powerful and ultimately more representative U.N. system could act as a conduit for international cooperation and the securing of basic human needs.

Elias: Signs indicate California’s recovery will last

Thomas Elias

Those signs are now seemingly almost everywhere, even though a few major corporations are in the process of moving headquarters elsewhere.

Wooton: Exercise care with kids and medications

Will Wooton

We have conditioned kids to know the buzzwords to get the quick fixes, plus it’s easier to give them a pill than to possibly change the family lifestyle.

Roost: Why I am quitting the National Football League

Amy Roost

The National Football League has an image problem. Its players, many who have been recruited for violence and intimidation, are taking their jobs home with them.