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Elias: Signs indicate California’s recovery will last

Thomas Elias

Those signs are now seemingly almost everywhere, even though a few major corporations are in the process of moving headquarters elsewhere.

Wooton: Exercise care with kids and medications

Will Wooton

We have conditioned kids to know the buzzwords to get the quick fixes, plus it’s easier to give them a pill than to possibly change the family lifestyle.

Roost: Why I am quitting the National Football League

Amy Roost

The National Football League has an image problem. Its players, many who have been recruited for violence and intimidation, are taking their jobs home with them.

Lyles: Look elsewhere for examples of war being waged on women

Dick Lyles

Following the same ritual they’ve carried out every election year for several decades, Democrats are rallying the left by claiming conservatives are waging a war on women. If you want to see real wars on women, there are plenty of places to look beyond America.

Elias: Last year of public school business as usual?

Thomas Elias

Changes are coming s in curriculum, testing and the rules affecting teachers.

Cronin: Welcome (back) to the MCAS Miramar Air Show

Barry Cronin

This month’s column is a shameless pitch for the 2014 Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Air Show.

Roost: Three things should be done to control police militarization

Amy Roost

How did America’s police culture become so grossly reactive and militarized?

Lyles: Not every department needs armored personnel carriers

Dick Lyles

Does every police department, sheriff’s department, state agency, federal agency, school district and transportation agency need an air force, mine-resistant personnel carriers, a SWAT team and an armored cavalry? Certainly not.

Hemphill: Loosening the grip of the labor unions

Allen Hemphill

It is a great day in America, or at least in Wisconsin. Freedom!

Wooton: Helping teens with eating disorders

Will Wooton

In my opinion, the hardest and most high-risk clients are those suffering with eating disorders. I’ll choose facilitating a group full of pill-popping, weed-loving tweekers and junkies over eating disorder clients any day.