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Roost: The incredible influence of the American voter

Amy Roost

Imagine Dick, you and I are invited to debate in a large auditorium. We are each given microphones, only yours is turned off and mine isn’t.

Lyles: Liberals trying to stop political debate altogether

Dick Lyles

Once again, Amy, you’ve chosen an analogy that works well up to a certain point, but doesn’t take into account the entire picture.

Wooton: Groups within a high school population

Will Wooton

After talking with literally thousands of high school students, I’ve seen most fit into four separate “groups.”

Hemphill: Our future with artificial intelligence

Allen Hemphill

Throughout the 20th Century, automation and technology increased jobs, and with that increase, average income. So, why do we now think that trend will change?

Lyles: Bad leadership ruins the culture

Dick Lyles

Leaders at the top of every organization lead by example, whether they want to or not, for good or for bad.

Roost: How I learned to live in the present moment (sort of)

Amy Roost

If you’re reading this, son, do as I say, not as I do. Take it slow. Moment by moment. One equation at a time.

Cronin: A disturbing case study in gun control

Barry Cronin

With encounters like this taking place, is it any wonder legitimate firearms owners remain suspicious?

Elias: Unprecedented conservative backing for minimum wage increase

Thomas Elias

Far from the Republican bugaboo it long has been, software entrepreneur Ron Unz claims a higher minimum wage will solve many pet GOP peeve

Lyles: Proposed orca law ‘preposterous’

Dick Lyles

Just think, we could ban dog shows and horse shows, we could take monkeys away from organ grinders, and stop teaching tricks to dolphins, birds and seals.

Roost: Orcas do not belong in captivity

Amy Roost

The answer to the question of whether orcas belong in captivity shouldn’t be answered based on emotions or childhood memories.