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Elias: Governor Brown could be hurt by early prison releases

Thomas Elias

If Brown’s job approval rating (now well above 50 percent) were not so high, this could pose a serious political problem for him. And it still might if Kashkari begins to catch fire.

Emery: Why dump ‘rolling coal’ on ‘green’ vehicles?

Bob Emery

Mix the anti-environmental attitudes of the tea party with the down home redneck philosophy of “ignorance is bliss” and what brilliant innovation do you get? Something called “rolling coal.”

Roost: What should be done about child migrants?

Amy Roost

While I have sympathy for others who are born into less-fortunate circumstances there are more effective means of helping them than offering them a room at our inn.

Lyles: America must adopt clear vision of its role in world

Dick Lyles

Merely changing the laws regarding immigration and legalizing drug won’t solve the problem because both these tactics focus on dealing with symptoms of the problem rather than the causes.

Wooton: Is there an upside to addiction?

Will Wooton

Addiction can be a nightmare for families and often will tear them apart. How could anything good come from such a tragic situation?

Lyles: Marriage inequality – The rest of the story

Dick Lyles

Conservatives are the ones most concerned about why the collapse of marriage is occurring among the poor and are working to solve the problem.

Emery: Be careful what you wish for

Bob Emery

Do we want to change Poway’s philosophy because times are better? I think not.

Roost: Why we still need feminists

Amy Roost

I pulled out my 2-by-4, turned to this man and said, “What you just said? That’s not OK.”

Elias: Will lawmakers kill energy independence moves?

Thomas Elias

Big energy companies feel threatened these days by a movement toward energy independence now afoot from Sonoma and Marin counties to big cities like San Francisco and San Diego.

Emery: A humble thank you

Bob Emery

Your kind expressions of concern and support were overwhelming and extremely therapeutic.