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Lyles: Top PUSD staff out of touch with parents, kids, teachers

Dick Lyles

Recent decisions and events at the district have both shattered our confidence in the current district leadership and ignited our passion to fight to eliminate deficiencies and practices that are undermining the quality of PUSD schools.

Hemphill: Four words at center of pending case regarding Obamacare

Allen Hemphill

The U.S. Supreme Court has accepted a case in which it will decide whether a word commonly used in the U. S. really means what it is usually accepted to mean.

Lyles: Country, and school district, lack clear vision

Dick Lyles

The problem with most government entities at every level today is their lack of vision.

Roost: Ending the cycle of aggression

Amy Roost

How can we put an end to the cycle of aggression? As with all change, it begins close in.

Cronin: An American Greek tragedy

Barry Cronin

Ferguson was an avoidable, modern day American Greek tragedy.

Emery: Goodbye to election season babble and slime

Bob Emery

Don Higginson will be remembered as an integral part of the “old guard” that laid the foundation that made the “City in the Country” such a great place to live.

Au Contraire: It’s hard, but children must learn to drive on their own

Amy Roost

I found myself in an all too familiar role last week, that of advocate for one of my children. My son, who is away at college, had a terrible fall during a mountain bike race and, long story short, landed in a trauma center needing to have his right tibia reassembled.

Get Real: Parents must increase influence in school board meeting rooms

Dick Lyles

Editor’s note: Please read Amy Roost’s column first. By Dick Lyles Amy makes several good points regarding parental role responsibilities relative to their child’s education. I agree that parents should intervene when their kids are suffering from shattered bones, life-threatening medical issues and any time the quality of their child’s education is threatened or diminished. [...]

My Town: It’s not your grandpa’s Halloween!

Bob Emery

When did Halloween turn into an excuse for adults to drink, carouse, debauch and otherwise make a fool of one’s self while dressed in ghoulish tresses, a la Michael Jackson?

Wooton: Finding the right care level for your teen

Will Wooton

It often baffles me that so many families miss the mark identifying what the issues are with teens.