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Parker Invites Community Builders to Leadercast

Graduation Education Path LEARN to LEAD

By Kevin Yaley, Head of School At Francis Parker School we seek to inspire and develop tomorrow’s leaders. Leadership doesn’t simply mean to be in charge. Leadership is inspiring others to take on challenges and reach beyond their expectations. That is why Parker is inviting San Diegans to attend Leadercast, a daylong leadership-building event on [...]

Parker’s Summer Program Offers Enriching Adventures

Play Saxophone

By Kevin Yaley Imagine a summer immersed in learning and discovery: Students preparing fine cuisine with farm fresh ingredients; Others honing their athletic skills under the sponsorship of Nike or learning jazz music skills from recognized local artists. Imagine all this and more. At Francis Parker School, it is our goal to inspire excellence. Students [...]

Don’t Be Misled Skincare Labels

Body Lotion stamp

By Dr. Brouha, Poway Dermatology Now, more than ever, people are concerned about what they put into and onto their bodies. We are eating fewer preservatives and more organic foods and choosing skincare products that are also natural and healing. Skincare companies are aware of this trend, and while some companies do make skincare products [...]

Skincare Myths Busted


By Dr. Brouha, Poway Dermatology We’ve all heard the saying “beauty is only skin deep,” but just because it is more important to be beautiful on the inside than on the outside, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t adopt a beauty regimen to maximize our outer beauty—especially our skin. We expose our skin to the [...]

Unleashing Excellence through Creativity


By Kevin Yaley Nurturing our students’ creativity is an important part of the Francis Parker School mission. At Parker, instruction in the arts helps students develop qualities essential for success in college and beyond. By practicing performing and visual arts, our students learn the essential skills of flexible thinking, risk-taking and persistence. That’s why we [...]

Winter Skincare Tips for All Skin Types


By Dr. Camille Henninger, Poway Dermatology What’s the best skincare regimen for winter? Well, it depends. Is your skin fair and freckled like Emma Stone or olive-toned like Kim Kardashian? Is it dry or oily? Are you prone to break outs or perhaps you have eczema? There is definitely not a one-size-fits-all winter skincare regimen, [...]

Empowering Students Through STEAM


By Kevin Yaley, Francis Parker School One of the major goals in Parker’s recently approved Strategic Plan is to inspire academic excellence through the design and development of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Program. This STEAM Program will provide our students with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills acquired in content area [...]

Winter Foods for Healthy and Beautiful Skin


By Dr. Camille Henninger, Poway Dermatology When you think about where to get our skincare products, places like Sephora, Macy’s, or Kiehl’s probably come to mind. Places that probably don’t come to mind are Starbucks, your favorite sushi restaurant or the farmers market. However, a delicious soy cappuccino, a hot cup of miso soup, and [...]

Healthy Choices Promote Academic Success

By Kevin Yaley, Francis Parker School Last year, the government unveiled new nutritional standards in support of increased student health and wellness as recent studies reinforce the critical role nutrition plays in promoting better learning in students. The Wellness Impact: Enhancing Academic Success Through Healthy School Environments highlights the critical importance of improved nutrition and physical activity [...]

Melanoma: Early Detection Can Save Your Life

Dermatologists on Pomerado Road, Poway

By Dr. Camille Henninger, Poway Dermatology Did you know that seeing your doctor for regular checkups can potentially save your life? Anita Mitchell, mother of West Palm Beach City Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell and the former wife of Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, tells us her story in a recent article at the Palm Beach Daily [...]