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Need a new smile? Innovative cosmetic dental procedures offer patients an instant fix

Coleman Center for Cosmetic Dentistry | Paul Coleman

Cosmetic dental procedures come in all shapes and sizes, from crowns and veneers to implants. Depending on the procedure, however, a patient may find herself with time in between the initial appointment and the final result – time when she would rather put forth a better, healthier-looking smile. A new service known as Snap On Smiles provides a safe, affordable solution for these scenarios, offering patients an instant smile makeover without shots, injections or any other invasive procedures. However, it is important to consult a cosmetic dentist with the appropriate training and certification to see if Snap On Smiles are right for you.

TMD dental treatment: a proven solution for neuromuscular pain

Coleman Center for Cosmetic Dentistry | Paul Coleman

Many people deal with chronic pain on a daily basis, convinced that the only solution is to simply grin and bear it. But when it comes to pain in and around the jaw joint, or muscles in the head and neck, pain may be a result of Tempromandibular Dysfunction, or TMD. For those suffering from this disorder, specialized TMD dental treatment can both relieve pain and improve the effect of future dental work. However, it is important to consult a dentist with training in neuromuscular dentistry in order to guarantee accurate diagnoses and expert care.

Revolutionary laser technology and non-invasive periodontal gum surgery

Coleman Center for Cosmetic Dentistry | Paul Coleman

Gum disease is a common condition caused by plaque and tartar buildup; and while it can usually be prevented with regular brushing, flossing and rinsing, eradicating existing gum disease may require more serious procedures ranging from deep cleanings to periodontal gum surgery. For many patients, conventional periodontal surgery can be a painful and frightening procedure; but now, advancements in diode laser surgery makes it possible for dental professionals to treat gum disease without the need for scalpels, sutures or unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Former Oakland Raiders pick JaMarcus Russell cites sleep apnea at root of failed football career

Coleman Center for Cosmetic Dentistry | Paul Coleman

Back in October of 2011, JaMarcus Russell spoke with reporters from Sports Illustrated about his reputation as one of the worst disappointments in draft history – and argued that sleep apnea was to blame for much of the behavior that earned him widespread criticism and put an end to his NFL career at the tender age of 26. Russell’s diagnosis and subsequent discussion of sleep apnea may not be enough to restore his much-maligned performance or defunct career; but at a time when nearly 12% of the American public suffers from this serious and potentially life-threatening condition, it may help raise popular awareness of sleep apnea – and encourage patients to thoroughly research their treatment options to find solutions that are both effective and sustainable for the long haul.