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Editorial: No CAB vote prior to November election

With three of the five school board seats on the board up for election on Nov. 4, there is no compelling reason, in our view, to rush to judgment on the proposal prior to the election.

Letters to the editor: Aug. 28, 2014

Readers share their views on a wide variety of topics.

Guest column: Animals aren’t the only ones who benefit from adoption

Pets play a very special role in our lives. They can be a child’s best friend, a young adult’s loyal companion, and a comfort to seniors.

Letters to the editor: Issue of Aug. 21, 2014

Readers comment on nice Poway people, the Poway Unified school board, dog owners and the watering of golf courses.

Editorial: No more endorsements

Once upon a time, before absentee balloting became the preferred way for voters to express their candidate preferences, newspaper publishers and editors would spend considerable time and energy on offering ballot recommendations to their readers.

Letters to the editor: Issue of Aug. 14, 2014

In reading Mr. Emery’s July 17 column on President Obama, he sounded like he was drinking the Fox News Kool-Aid. But his July 31 column, regarding his daughter and her generation, completely redeemed him in my eyes.

From the editor: Smile for the camera

Full disclosure: I am not the person who came up with the idea of printing vacation photos.

Letters to the editor: Issue of Aug. 7, 2014

Letters to the editor: Issue of Aug. 7, 2014

Editorial: Our ‘thumbs’ for July

THUMBS UP to the Green Flash Brewing Co. for its decision to build a brewery and tasting room in the Poway Business Park.

Letters to the editor: Issue of July 31, 2014

Readers sound off about Republicans, off-leash dog areas, the school board, police helicopters and Tony Gwynn.