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Editorial: Tribute to Tony Gwynn

The hope here is that the Ted Williams Parkway renaming option is eventually selected.

Letters to the editor: Issue of July 17, 2014

Letters about medians, Tony Gwynn and columnist Dick Lyles.

From the editor: A little civility, please

We have finally joined “the other side” of the philosophical debate about how to deal with people hiding behind a fake identity (or two, or three …) and taking pot-shots at others.

Guest column: Target predators to reduce human trafficking

I believe focusing efforts on those who solicit children and teenagers will go a long way toward eradicating human trafficking in our state.

Editorial: Recognition for local business leaders

Our monthly collection of ‘Thumbs’ reflecting on the good (and bad) of June.

Letters to the editor: Issue of July 3, 2014

Readers comment on Tony Gwynn, the Earned Income Credit and SeaWorld.

Guest column: Nothing about hating Christians, Jews in teachings

As a follower of the religion of Islam, I try to follow the teachings of Muhammad word by word and nowhere do I find in my religion any teaching to hate the Western Christians and Jews.

Editorial: Energetic ideas on Poway spending

It’s not very often that someone other than a city financial person gets excited about the Poway municipal budget, but that’s exactly what happened last week.

Letters to the editor: Issue of June 26, 2014

Increasing the minimum wage will cause inflation. The poor get hit the hardest because the essentials they purchase to sustain themselves go up in price.

Guest commentary: Voices from the Class of 2014

It has become a tradition at this newspaper to turn the editorial space following the June high school graduations to summaries of advice offered by senior class speakers. “The growing and the learning is never over. As we embark on the next stage of our lives, the unknown creeps upon us yet again; however, such [...]