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Letters to the editor: Issue of July 24, 2014

Readers offer ideas on how best to honor Tony Gwymn.

Editorial: Tribute to Tony Gwynn

The hope here is that the Ted Williams Parkway renaming option is eventually selected.

Letters to the editor: Issue of July 17, 2014

Letters about medians, Tony Gwynn and columnist Dick Lyles.

From the editor: A little civility, please

We have finally joined “the other side” of the philosophical debate about how to deal with people hiding behind a fake identity (or two, or three …) and taking pot-shots at others.

Guest column: Target predators to reduce human trafficking

I believe focusing efforts on those who solicit children and teenagers will go a long way toward eradicating human trafficking in our state.

Editorial: Recognition for local business leaders

Our monthly collection of ‘Thumbs’ reflecting on the good (and bad) of June.

Letters to the editor: Issue of July 3, 2014

Readers comment on Tony Gwynn, the Earned Income Credit and SeaWorld.

Guest column: Nothing about hating Christians, Jews in teachings

As a follower of the religion of Islam, I try to follow the teachings of Muhammad word by word and nowhere do I find in my religion any teaching to hate the Western Christians and Jews.

Editorial: Energetic ideas on Poway spending

It’s not very often that someone other than a city financial person gets excited about the Poway municipal budget, but that’s exactly what happened last week.

Letters to the editor: Issue of June 26, 2014

Increasing the minimum wage will cause inflation. The poor get hit the hardest because the essentials they purchase to sustain themselves go up in price.