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Editorial: Poway council’s decision on notices worth noting

Without much fanfare, the Poway City Council has taken a significant step toward the public being more involved in their local government.

Editorial: “Thumbs” for April

THUMBS UP, and a salute, to community members who are putting nonperishable food items in marked boxes for families of Marines at Camp Pendleton who struggle between paychecks.

Editorial rebuttal: Misleading statements regarding PUSD chief’s contract

Todd Gutschow

Perhaps the most serious of these erroneous statements is the one suggesting that the proposed contract extension provides a large raise for Dr. Collins.

Editorial: Postpone PUSD contract vote until after election

Whoever is elected in the fall will be dealing with the superintendent for the next four years. It makes sense to us that the contract extension vote be postponed until after the election.

Guest column: PUSD board has ‘serious problems’

Over the past two years, there have been a number of questionable decisions at the school board level.

Editorial: Poway mayoral election should be interesting

Poway Mayor Don Higginson will have his hands full come this November.

Guest opinion: Covered California deadline approaches

Time is running out for Californians to enroll for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. March 31 marks the end of open enrollment.

Our ‘Thumbs’ for February – An inspired choice for police chief

THUMBS UP to the announcement that Assistant Chief Shelley Zimmerman will be the next San Diego Police Department chief, replacing Bill Lansdowne, who recently announced his retirement.

Guest column: Redirect high-speed rail funds to road upgrades

As Californians, we waste countless hours stuck in traffic, spending less quality time with our families and spending more on our gas bills. Throughout our state, vital infrastructure such as highways, bridges and ports continue to deteriorate.

Editorial: Let’s start acting like we’re in a desert

Admit it — at least once so far this winter you’ve made some kind of weather-related boast to a friend or family member back East who is suffering through blizzards, ice storms or other winter weather problems.