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Editorial: Another campaign report needed before election

We like the rule requiring one more pre-election filing so that last-minute infusions of contributions can be disclosed prior to Election Day.

From the editor: Signs of the times

This is one of those years where not only are there signs for candidates, but against them as well. Negative campaigning, just like many political ads on television.

In celebration of National Newspaper Week

Despite what a few might have you believe, newspapers are far from dead.

Editorial: ‘Thumbs’ for September

THUMBS UP to the Poway City Council for commissioning a long-needed study on the future of Poway Road.

Guest column: Visionary leadership and PUSD’s North Star

The upcoming election for members of the school board is evolving as a referendum on the leadership of the district.

Emery: Beware of consultants bearing studies

Bob Emery

“Consultant creep” occurs when city staff is not attuned to the wishes of the public and members of the governing body, the city council.

Editorial: Working together, we’ll get through the drought

As inland North County suffers along with the rest of the state during the third year of the drought, two reports — one encouraging and the other worrisome — merit comment.

Editorial rebuttal: Poway decision unpopular, but compliant with the law

I acknowledge that reasonable people can disagree about whether or not manufactured homes should be allowed on a single-family lot, but quite simply, that was not the question before the council.

‘Thumbs’ for August

Kudos to Poway Days volunteers and contested November elections, but not to the City Poway City Council.

Editorial: No CAB vote prior to November election

With three of the five school board seats on the board up for election on Nov. 4, there is no compelling reason, in our view, to rush to judgment on the proposal prior to the election.