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Quit smoking with the help of Medicare and other tools

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“The Savvy Senior” by Jim Miller Dear Savvy Senior, Can Medicare help me quit smoking? I just turned 65, and would like to quit but need some help.    -  Coughing Connie Dear Connie, Yes, Medicare actually covers up to eight face-to-face counseling sessions a year to help beneficiaries quit smoking. And, if you have [...]

How to improve your balance as you age

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Most people don’t think much about practicing their balance, but you should, the same way that you walk to strengthen your heart, lungs and overall health, or you stretch to keep your body limber.

Help for seniors looking for affordable dental care


Finding affordable dental care can be challenging for seniors living on a tight budget.

What to consider when choosing a walk-in bathtub

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A walk-in bathtub is a great option for seniors with mobility problems who have trouble getting in and out of a traditional tub.

Burial and memorial benefits available to veterans

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The Veterans Administration offers a number of burial and memorial benefits to veterans if their discharge from the military was under conditions other than dishonorable – which will need to be verified.

How to check up on your hospital

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Most people don’t give much thought when it comes to choosing a hospital, but selecting the right one can be as important as the doctor you choose.

Vaccination options available to seniors this flu season

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Depending on your health, age and personal preference, there’s a buffet of flu shots available to seniors this flu season.

Savvy Senior: Generic drugs offer seniors big savings


The only difference between a brand-name drug and its generic is the name.

Recognizing and handling senior gambling problems

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Many seniors use gambling as a way to distract or escape feelings of loneliness, depression, sadness, or even a chronic health condition.

Continuing Education Center launches fall class schedule

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Educational classes are resuming in Rancho Bernardo, not just for youngsters but the senior-set as well.